Elope to Cape Cod $100 Wedding Ceremony - Elope, an economical wedding ceremony simple,and sweet.
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     Cape Cod offers wonderful beaches and parks for your wedding which help to keep your costs low. Enjoy the beauty nature has given us. The state of MA sets base costs  for a wedding ceremony  and pronouncement .  That cost is $100 for a simple civil ceremony. With the financial picture as is, many couples are on a tighter wedding budget and are choosing to elope.  On average marriage licenses costs run about $25 and are obtainable at any town hall in MA. Also, if you do not want to wait the normal required 3 days once you apply to get your license ,you can obtain what is known as a 3 day waiver from a MA Probate court, in Barnstable the current court costs for this is $165. The waiver allows you to obtain a license the same day with no 3 day wait. No blood tests or medical tests are required. So there you go, you can do this,
 now celebrate... 
A Justice of the Peace that will be happy to officiate.
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